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( BÂH-NÂME[Ar., Fars.]: Eşeyselliği konu alan kitap. )
FaRkLaR Kılavuzu 12.03.2012 [00:37]
- Eşey Bilim: Seksoloji.

- Latince "sexus".

- Eşeysel çekim(cazibe): seksapel (ingilizce "sexappeal").

- Orpheus("Nur ile şifa veren"). (Fenike dilinde Nur anlamına gelen Aur, Yunanca'da Arpha ile şifa anlamına gelen Rafae sözcüklerinden oluşmuştur ve "Nur ile şifa veren" anlamına gelmektedir.)

- Üçlemeler(Triad'lar)... (Sevgi-Sezgi-Bilgi), (Güzellik-Bilgi-Güç), (Sevgi-Arınma-Aydınlanma), (Güzel-İyi-Doğru).


American Heritage Sözlüğü'nde

- Sex: 1. a. The property or quality by which organisms are classified according to their reproductive functions. b. Either of two divisions, designated male and female, of this classification.
2. Males or females collectively.
3. The condition or character of being male or female; the physiological, functional, and psychological differences that distinguish the male and the female.
4. The sexual urge or instinct as it manifests itself in behavior.
5. Sexual intercourse.
6. The genitalia.
sexed, sexing, To determine the sex of (young chickens).

- sex appeal: n. Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse sexual interest in another person.

- sex cell: n. A gamete.

- sex chromosome: n. Either of a pair of chromosomes, usually, designated X or Y, in the germ cells of human, most animals, and some plants, that combine to determine the sex of an individual, XX resulting in a female and XY in a male.

- sex gland: n. A testis or ovary; gonad.

- sex hormone: n. Any of various animal hormones, such as estrogen and androgen, affecting the growth of function of the reproductive organs and the development of secondary sex characteristics.

- sex.ism: n. Discrimination based on sex, esp. discrimination against women. 2. Attitudes or conditions that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. -sex'ist adj. & n.

- sex.less: adj. 1. Lacking sexual characteristics; neuter. 2. Arousing or exhibiting no sexual interest or desire; asexual. -sex' adv. -sex'less.ness n.

- sex linkage: n. The condition in which a gene responsible for a specific phenotypic trait is located on the X choromoseome, resulting in sexually dependent inheritance of the trait.

- sex-linked: adj. 1. Carried by a sex chromosome, esp. an X chromosome. Used of genes. 2. Sexually determined. Used esp. of inherited traits.

- n. The study of human sexual behavior. -sex'o.log'ic, sex'o.log' adj. -sex.ol'o.gist n.

- sex.pot: n. Informal. A strikingly sexy person.

- sex.tant: n. 1. A navigational instrument used for measuring the altitudes of celestial bodies. 2. Sextant. Sextans. [NLat. sextans, sextant- < Lat., sixth part(from its being graduated in sixths of a circle) < sextus, sixth.]

- sex.tile: adj. Designating the position of two celestial bodies when they are 60 degrees apart. [Lat. sextilis, one sixth < sextus, sixth.]

- adj. 1. Of, pertaining to, affecting, or characteristic of sex, the sexes, or the sex organs and their functions. 2. Implying or symbolizing erotic desires or activity. 3. Of, pertaining to, or designating reproduction involving the union of male and female gametes. [LLat. sexualis < Lat. sexus, sex.] -sex' adv.

- sexual intercourse: n. Coitus, esp. between humans.

- n. 1. The conditionof being characterized and distinguished by sex. 2. Concern with or interest in sexual activity. 3. The quality of possessing a sexual character or potency.

- tr.v. -ized,, To make sexual in character or quality.

- sex.y: adj., -iest. Arousing or tending to arouse. sexual desire or interest. -sex' adv. -sex'i.ness n.

- sexual selection: n. Darwinian adjunct of natural selection hypothesizing the preffered hereditary selection of characteristics involved in male courtship displays and combat.


- sex: pref. Six; sexpartite. [Lat. sex, six.]

- n. A person who is sixty years old or between the ages of sixty and seventy.
adj. 1. Being sixty years old or between the ages of sixty and seventy. 2. Of or pertaining to a sexagenarian. [Lat. sexagenarius, sexagenary]

- adj. 1. Pertaining to or proceeding by sixties. 2. Sexagenarian. -n., pl. -ies. A sexagenarian. [Lat. sexagenarius < sexageni, sixty each < sexaginta, sixty < sex, six.]

- n. The Second Sunday before Lent. [LLat. sexagesima < Lat. sexagesimus, sextieth < sexaginta, sixty < sex, six.]

- sex.a.ges.i.mal: adj. Of, relating to, or based on the number 60. [< Lat. sexagesimus sixty.]

- sex.cen.te.nar.y: adj. Pertaining to 600 or to a 600-year period. -n., pl. -ies. A 600th anniversary or its commemoration. [< Lat. sexcenteni, six hundred each : sex, six + centeni, a hundred each < centum, hundred.]

- adj. 1. Occurring every six years. 2. Relating to or lasting six years. -n. An event that occurs ever six years. [Lat. sexennium, of six years : sex, six + annus, year.] -sex.en' adv.

- sex.par.tite: adj. Composed of or divided into six parts, as a groined vault.

- sext(also Sext): n. Eccles. 1. The fourth of the seven canonical hours. 2. The time of day set aside for sext, usually the sixth hour, or noon. [ME sexte < Lat. sexta(hora), sixth(hour) < sextus, sixth.]

- sex.tan: n. A malarial fever with paroxysms recurring every six days. -adj. Occurring or recurring every six days. [NLat. sextana(febris), sextan(fever) < Lat. sextus, sixth.]

- Sex.tans: n. A constellation in the equatorial region of the sky near Leo and Hydra. [NLat., sextant.]

- sex.tet: n. 1. Mus. a. A group composed of six vocalists or musicians. b. A musical composition written for six performers. 2. A group of six persons or things. [Alteration of SESTET.]

- sex.til.lion: n. 1. The cardinal number written 10*21. 2. Chiefly Brit. The cardinal number written 10*36. [Fr. sex-, six (Lat. sex) + million, million.] -sex.til'lion adj. & pron.

- sex.til.lionth: n. The ordinal number that matches the number sextillion in a series. 2. One of sextillion equal parts. -sex.til'lionth adj. & adv.

- n. pl. -mos. 1. The page size of a book composed of printer's sheets folded into 16 leaves or 32 pages. 2. A book composed of sextodecimo pages. [Lat. sextodecimo, ablative of sextusdecimus, one sixteenth : sextus, sixth + decimus, tenth < decem, ten.]

- sex.ton: n. An employee or officer of a church who is responsible for the care and upkeep of church property and sometimes for ringing bells and digging graves. [ME segerstone < AN segerstaine < Med. Lat. sacristanus, sacristan.]

- sexton beetle: n. The burying beetle.

- sex.tu.ple: tr. & intr.v. -pled, -pling, -ples. To multiply or be multiplied by six. adj. 1. Containing or consisting of six parts; sixfold. 2. Larger or greater by sixfold; multiplied by six. 3. Mus. Having six beats to the measure. -n. A number six times larger than another. [Prob. SEX- + (QUIN)TUPLE] - sex.tu'ply adv.

- sex.tu.plet: n. 1. One of six delivered at one birth. 2. sextuplets. The six offspring of one birth. 3. A group of six similar persons or things; sextet. [SEXTU(PLE) + (TRI)PLET.]

- sex.tu.pli.cate: adj. 1. Six times as many or as much; sixfold. 2. Raised to the sixth power. -tr.v. -cat.ed,, -cates. To sextuple. -n. One of six similar things. [SEXTU(PLE) + (DU)PLICATE.] - sex.tu' adv. -sex.tu''tion n. )
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( LOVE vs./and/||/<>/> SEX )

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